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The Family Homestead - Delta, CO

Last week, I had the honor and privilege of celebrating the life of an incredible woman. Eleanor L. Kehmeier. My beloved grandmother lived in Delta County her whole life, helping out on her family farm, raising my father on her own, working for the county clerk's office, attending basketball games and of course taking time to come visit her favorite grandkids!

My great, great-grandparents settled on this land just outside of Delta, Colorado, in 1891. My great-grandfather was born in the smaller cabin just a few years later (1894). When the family grew, they built the second home and finally moved into the large house. This land has stayed in the Kehmeier family for more than 100 years.

This is my Dad (right) and his second cousin, Bill (left), who lives on the Kehmeier family property. It was so nice to meet more of my family and read all about our family history. He and his wife, Cindy, have kept letters, articles written about the family, and even the family Bible!

The house has been updated with minimal renovations. Bill and Cindy wanted to keep the house as close to its original structure as possible. The Kehmeiers have two dogs, chickens and they are currently raising three pigs and 5 week old ducklings (a dream of mine someday)! I had never been here before that day but in my heart, it already felt like home. It was very fulfilling to see where generations before me have been. I've now seen where my great-grandfather, Dan Kehmeier, (on my Dad's side in Colorado) and my great-grandfather, James White, (on my Mom's side in Ireland) were born and raised. It's fascinating to see where my family comes from and I'm thankful to have been able to experience it all.

My Grandma was a wonderful lady, someone I aspire to be like someday! Who in generations past in your family has made an impact on you? Leave a comment below!


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