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Traveling with Oils

I just got back from a quick work trip to Phoenix! This was the first trip I’ve taken in a while that I made my health a priority. I had salads for lunch, drank lots of water, walked more (Target counts, right?), and used my oils for pretty much everything. I was not about to come home feeling sick and tired! I traveled with my oils and used them as much as I do when I’m at home. My body functions best when I’m consistent with taking supplements, prioritizing my gut health and using oils to support my immune system. Most of the time, traveling means eating out, less exercise and usually less sleep. Here’s a breakdown of the oils & products I packed on my trip!

I brought Lavender & Cedarwood for sleep. Peppermint for nausea and motion sickness, something I often struggle with when traveling on plane. Just a little whiff and I feel better! StressAway to help my sanity during travel and support a positive mindset. Can’t go anywhere without Thieves to support my immune system and keep me in tip top shape.

I also put Lemon or Peppermint in my water. It’s so important to keep your digestive system in check and stay hydrated. That’s also why I bring my supplements. I take Life9, Young Living’s probiotic as well as Immupro for immune support, every night before bed. Those two friends work I’m keeping my digestive system in check while supporting my immune system to keep me healthy during my trip. Every morning, I take a Multigreens supplement which also gives me a little boost of energy. 

I use Endoflex daily for Thyroid support, keeping those hormones in check.

The last magic trick I have up my sleeve is Thieves hand purifier. That stuff is phenomenal my friends- fights those germs without the strong sanitizer scent. Plus, it comes a little 1.4oz bottle, fitting perfectly in my luggage. 

When I first started traveling with oils, I was cautious of the rules & restrictions by TSA regarding traveling with liquids. Young Living does an incredible job making many of their products travel friendly. When traveling with oils, pack them in a plastic sealable bag. This ensures that TSA can visibly see what they are AND in the event that one breaks, all your other luggage is protected. Wouldn’t want your clothes smelling like DiGize now would we? I’ve flown multiple times with my oils and have never once had an issue. 

Some of you might be thinking, “I think I want oils, but am I really going to use them every day?” I fully understand the hesitancy to invest in products that you might not use every day. Before I got oils, I had the exact same thought process. I am pleased to tell you that if you enjoy using oils and you enjoy the affects that oils have on your body and lifestyle, you will WANT to use them every day. There are unlimited uses for essential oils, and you’ll find that you get so much use out of your oils!

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-The Happy Egg


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