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Oils & Pets

Hi friends! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I love my pets. If you’re new here, don’t worry, you’ll catch on quick! I love my fur babies and want the absolute best for them. Last year, I started using essential oils from Young Living and absolutely fell in love with the company and the incredible products they’ve formulated. After seeing the benefits of using oils and Young Living products on ourselves and in our home, I thought to myself, “I wonder how these oils could work on our pets?” And so, the research began. I was pleasantly surprised with the resources and tools our community has regarding oils and pets, and I wanted to share that with you!

Using Oils

So, what do I mean when I say I use oils with my pets? To some that might sound confusing, it did to me at first, too. There are so many ways use oils on your pets, especially as a natural remedy to support a health issue. With our growing homestead and my growing passion for using essential oils, I wanted to incorporate more of a natural method of caring for our animals. This year, it’s all about getting back to the basic of natural homesteading. Caring for our pets with natural products is one of the best ways to give them the BEST life. One of health & happiness where they can thrive. Animals have a unique way that they metabolize synthetic products & drugs. That means that the more “green” or “natural” you can make your home, with the products you use, the healthier your pet can be. Other things that promote wellness include reducing stress (happy thoughts people), feeding high quality food, having fresh clean water, and lastly, plenty of exercise! For us, essential oils are another key part of our pet’s overall wellness. We chose Young Living because they create the purest and highest quality essential oils. To read more about the Seed to Seal standard, click here.

Pet Precautions

Before I go into too much detail, I wanted to share a few tips about safety when using oils! Animals are all unique and so will respond differently. Animals are more sensitive than humans, so use common sense. Every pet has their own preference. Some like topical application, some do very well with ingestion and others prefer diffusing only. It’s all about trial and error and seeing what works best for your pet. Personally, I would begin by slowly introducing oils into their life. That means, diffusing oils in a large room and wearing oils on yourself (StressAway on our wrists or Lavender behind your ears). Animals have an incredible sense of smell so the last thing you want is to overwhelm them with 20 different essential oils at once. If applying topically, start simple by diluting your essential oil with a carrier oil (ie. Coconut or Jojoba Oil) and then build up from there. Keep oils out of their eyes, nose & ear canals. Citrus oils are okay, just use slowly and cautiously (most cats don’t enjoy citrus oils, therefore use and diffuse wisely). Read the signs your pet gives you and don’t push them to like a certain oil. Lastly, leave a way out open so your pet can choose to leave the room if they don’t like the oils being diffused.

Benefits of Using EO’s for your Pets

1. They are quick, convenient and easy. 2. Diluting is really simple 3. They are organic & natural 4. They are safe 5. They can work almost immedi