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Oils for the best night's sleep

Hi Friends! Happy Wednesday. I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while and I’m finally here, ahhh. We’ve been using Young Living essential oils in our home for almost two years and we use them for almost everything now. They’ve supported us in so many ways:  immunity, clean skincare, emotional support, perking us up for a day of work on the farm, cleaning our home, but one of the most important ways they’ve helped us is SLEEP.

I can’t tell you how important sleep has become. With the farm, the full time jobs working nights, doing our best to grow our small flower business, Lake Farm Florals, and attempting to keep a social presence with friends and family… it’s a lot! A lot of goodness, to say the least, but still, most days (nights?) we go to bed, eager to shut our eyes.

Thanks to our current sleep routine, I look forward to shutting my eyes every night! Maybe you could blame it on our ridiculously comfy bed or the new sheets, but I’d like to think that oils have played an even bigger roll in aiding to good sleep. Every day, about 30 minutes before bed, I diffuse a combination of lavender, cedarwood, and frankincense. I use a pre-made roller from Young Living called Tranquil, which has a calming blend of those same oils plus roman chamomile and a few others. I use the Tranquil roller on my forearms and on my chest and it’s lovely. Lastly, I’ll put Thieves on the bottoms of my feet (hello immune support!). I set my diffuser to run for two hours and if I wake up, I’ll turn it back on for another hour. It’s MAGIC, my friends.

One thing that has also helped me that has little to do with oils, is to take all my makeup off (I use Young Living’s Mirah Luminous Cleansing Oil to remove makeup and nourish my skin), take a nice hot shower, and jump into beautifully clean sheets. We’ve ditched dryer sheets and switched to wool dryer balls. I add two drops of lavender to each ball and toss them in with sheets or blankets to keep our linens smelling perfectly comfortable. I love it!

If you’ve got little ones, try diffusing Sleepyize (it’s pre-diluted for them) or Gentle Baby (also great for tantrums) in their diffusers at night. I’ve heard great reviews from Mama’s who have used both and had great results.

IF you’re not getting good sleep, do some configuring. Figure out what you need, whether it’s some good sheets (I’ll link our new sheets here), white noise, or some good oily sleep support. If you don’t have oils in your life, click here to grab a starter kit. The Premium Starter Kit comes with both lavender, frankincense and Thieves. Add cedarwood to your order and you’re all set!



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