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Our Story




We are Dylan and Megan Heck, owners of Farm & Flower. We farm a five-acre homestead here in the Pacific Northwest consisting of farm raised meat, seasonal produce and my love, flower gardens. When I'm not out working in the garden, caring for animals or designing arrangements, you can find me cooking up a new recipe or sipping a latte. Dylan works full time outside of the home but when it comes to farm projects, he's my go-to guy. We make a great team!

 Our farm dreams became a reality when we brought home our first four chicks back in   2017. Just a year later, not only had our farm grown but my passion for gardening and working with flowers did as well. Before I grew flowers, I read page after page of all the flower books I could get my hands on. In January of 2019, we opened our wedding flower business, Lake Farm Florals, and began bringing flower dreams to life for every bride we were blessed to work with. After the chaos of 2020, we realized the priority for locally sourced food could never be more important, and with every fiber of my being I wanted to do my part to feed our community and bring a smile to every client and bride with locally grown flowers. I knew our little farm could make a big difference. I knew that if I worked the farm, the farm would bless others. And through that, Farm & Flower was born. 


Creating stunning wedding florals, cooking delicious food and cultivating community is our calling. We focus on building community through the food and flowers on our farm. We are committed to working with the land and our animals to create a system of appreciation and we are excited to share that with you. From farm tours to workshops to seasonal gatherings, we love being able to share this life with you!

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