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Thriving Indoor Plants

For those of you who have been keeping up with my posts, I wanted to take you down the trail of another aspect of my life. I have never really had a green thumb until I entered this newest phase of life: marriage! I have become that woman who takes great pride in the cleanliness of her home as well as the prosperity of her plants. I have become a plant lady.

There are four different kinds of plants that I wanted to share with you. There are easy to care for when you know the best way to keep them happy.

The first is this Philodendron.

These are so easy to care for! We left ours in the hanging basket (away from the cats), and keep it in indirect sunlight. Another key with this kind of plant is to wait for dry soil between watering. Other than that, it's pretty content where it's at, don't you think?

Next, is our Aloe Vera plant. She has been quite a trooper this past year after I almost accidentally killed her! Earth to Megan, it's a desert plant therefore you don't need to water it all of the time! Also, she LOVES living in the window where she can get all day sun!

Important note: cats love bamboo plants. This is something we have struggled with for a while now. Our bamboo plant seemed to be on it's last leg, but we managed to find it a home away from the cats! I also potted it correctly: two inches deep of rocks on the bottom with plenty of soil to the top. Bamboo is a big fan of indirect sunlight... convenient since we live in a very rainy state! Another tip: the soil should always have moisture so don't forget to check on it.

Here is our newest plant friend: English ivy! I got this little beauty from the nursery near our house. I'll tell you now, I could have spent hours there looking at all of the gorgeous plants. I could have brought every one of them home, but this one, I knew this one needed a place in our home. This one also loves indirect light.

I'm enjoying finding my green thumb, and boy, it has been an adventure! Who knows what plant friend I will bring home next!

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