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Wife After God - Marriage Lessons

Who loves to read? Well, hopefully you do since you're currently reading these words! I too, love to read (ask me that in high school and I would have said quite the opposite!). I don't often have time to read, but given the opportunity to cozy up on the couch with a thrilling novel, self-help or challenging devotional and I'm there! "Wife After God" definitely fit the bill for challenging devotional, in the absolute best way possible. I don't even know where to start about how much I loved and appreciated this book. I decided to go through it during the month of February and I feel deep in my heart that it has changed who I am as a wife. There were many nights when I would hold back tears as I read the incredibly God-anointed words on the page. I wanted to share my heartfelt honesty about this book in the hopes that everyone who reads this, will go out and get it to also change their life.

This devotional is captivating for every wife, whether you are new at spending daily time with the Lord or if it is already a part of your daily routine. You can tell by the way that Jennifer Smith (author) wrote this devotional, God was there... in every chapter, every page, and every word. Each day focuses on a different piece of your relationship with God and in tern, your relationship with your husband.

Was it challenging? YES. What is inspiring? DEFINITELY. Would I go through it again? YOU BETCHA!

I have always struggled with the commitment to spending daily time in the Word or with God so this 30 day devotional was the best seed to plant in my life.

Each day is broken up into sections beginning with a Focus Verse (or in some cases, multiple verses), followed by Thoughts from Jennifer Smith (author) that correlates deeply with the verse. Some of the days had stories while others explained the verse in greater detail. I found that Day 3 really spoke to my heart. The theme, "The Need for Companionship," talked about how God desires companionship with you as much as you desire companionship with your husband. After the thoughts came a Prayer, followed by a Challenge. This was my favorite part of each day's reading. It gave me something specific to work on and Day 3 was to "Spend time with your husband doing an activity that he would prefer to do". I don't know about other women, but I like when I get what I want (and wow, I hate admitting that but I have to be real). My husband knows this and loves me still (Thanks Babe!). This challenge was so perfect for me and it was something that I have been striving to do more and more everyday. "Happy wife, happy life" might be a well-known phrase, but I am truly happiest when I know my husband and I are both enjoying our life together, doing things we love to do. After the challenge section, there is a Status Update (mostly for social media sake) and lastly, Journal Questions! These are practical ways in which can use the tools this devotional gives you. It's the opportunity to put each day into practice.

My challenge for you: Never give up on growing as both a wife and a daughter of God. Thank you Jennifer Smith (author) for giving me the opportunity to grow not only in my relationship with our Heavenly Creator but also in my relationship with my husband! I have seen a difference in how I approach conversations with him as well as how I can be more encouraging to him in our everyday life.

If you are interested in learning more about this devotional, the author, or other books that she's written, check out the links below!


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