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Homegrown Sprouts

Sprouting has become one of my new favorite things because it is easy and cheap! I've bought sprouts at the store but growing them at home is so much easier! Lentil sprouts are a super simple way to add flavor and texture to a sandwich, protein bowl, salad or stirfry.

I chose to buy lentils because of their size and flavor. If you are a beginner gardener or new to the idea of growing food at home, I encourage you to follow the steps and try it for yourself!

To begin, place 1/4 cup of lentils into a large jar. Fill with water until lentils are covered and let soak overnight. Cover jar with cheesecloth or a coffee filter so air can still get through.

Drain, rinse lentils with fresh water, and drain again. Repeat this step every 12 hours. After day 1, lentils with sprout and continue to grow. After 3-5 days, they will be ready to eat! Keep sprouts for up to a week, if they last that long!


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