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Homemade Salsa

The garden harvest has quickly dwindled down to a few pumpkins and some rainbow carrots. A few weeks ago, I took the last of the roma tomatoes off the vine. A new element added to our homestead traditions this year is canning. We have pickled cucumbers in the past but canning and preserving is something of a new trail for me. I quite enjoy the idea, so I thought it best to try a few simple recipes this year! First, I had to do something with all those tomatoes. Tomato sauce would have been the easy solution, however I thought that homemade salsa would be a fun adventure to tackle. This restaurant style salsa turned out wonderfully, with a surprising sweetness from the home-grown tomatoes.


(makes two pints)

juice of a lime

1 jalepeno (2 if you want it spicy)

1 bunch of cilantro (the whole bunch you get from the store)chopped

1/2 onion

4 cups tomatoes

3/4 cup vinegar

2 tsp salt


Using a food processor or Vitamix, pulse all ingredients to desired consistency. Pour into a pot and cook on low-med for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Bring a large pot of water (with jars and lids) to a boil. Boil for 10 minutes, remove jars and lids, and place on a towel. Ladle salsa into jars, seal and place back into boiling water for 15 minutes. Remove and store at room temperature. Once opened, store in the fridge for up to two weeks. 

What are you canning or preserving this year? 

-The Happy Egg


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