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DIY Bug Spray

Ahhh summer, it’s just around the corner. The weather is warming up, the sun is out much later.. Summer for us means spending lots of time outside. Unfortunately, that means that we are exposed to bugs! I love being outside, but I hate bugs. I can hear the buzzing sound of mosquitoes as I type this and it gives me all the itchy feelings. As we’ve moved into a more natural, less-toxic lifestyle, I wanted to find a way to prevent bugs without using harsh toxic bug spray. I found this recipe through my Young Living community and wanted to share this natural bug spray recipe with you. I made a bottle already to have on hand for evenings outside and future camping trips so that we can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest!

Bug Spray Recipe

4 oz glass spray bottle

6 drops Citronella

5 drops Peppermint

5 drops Lavender

5 drops Purification

2 oz distilled water

2 oz unscented alcohol-free witch hazel

Fill glass bottle with ingredients, shake well and spray. If using a different size bottle, change the drops of essential oils accordingly.

Want to know the great news? You can grab your Premium Starter Kit this month and get a bottle of Citronella for FREE (June 2019) when you jump on Essential Rewards. Then, add Purification to your order and you’ll have all the ingredients to make bottles of this DIY bug spray for your home! I love using Young Living essential oils for DIY home recipes. Knowing I can use high quality essential oils in our home instead of products that contain incredibly harsh toxins and chemicals gives me such peace of mind!

-The Happy Egg


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