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A New Year, A Fresh Start

Well, my friends, the gifts have been exchanged, the food has been consumed (too much of it, as always), the Christmas décor has been taken down, and the New Year has begun. I love the holidays, so don’t mistake this for my lack of holiday cheer. There’s just something about the new year, you know? A chance to reset and come at the new year with fresh eyes.

It came to my attention that this is will be my fourth Spring here in the Pacific Northwest, and although I love it here, I struggle every January with that deeply rooted desire to “spring clean”. When I lived in Phoenix, January brought sun and soon, warmth. The continuation of a Pacific Northwest Winter well into March was an adjustment, and one I’m still adjusting to every year. It’s the first week of January and I’m ready to clear out unnecessary clutter, open the curtains, and add fresh cut florals to the dinning table. For the most part, I can do those things as long as I keep the heat on. The fresh cut florals won’t be coming from my garden any time soon so store bought will have to do for now. It’s simplicity that I find refreshing.. there is no expectation to go out and make big purchases to re-style your home. No need to Target runs or Home Goods (although, I would love a trip to either of those right now!). For some of you, it might not have anything to do with resetting your space. Instead it might be tackling that room in your house that you’ve been avoiding.. the hall closet, the pantry, that cabinet under your bathroom sink.. and yes, I’m talking to myself, too, when I say those things! Whatever your new year looks like, I hope that it brings opportunities to slow down, refresh and welcome this new season.

The new year brings little hopes and dreams, in all shapes and sizes. I’ve found myself daydreaming and planning our garden for this year, setting financial goals for our family, and creating a training program for my half marathon this June. I’ve never been a person to have a New Year’s resolution, necessarily. To me, the stigma of a New Year’s resolution is one that’s for the most part unattainable. This year, we set individual goals and goals as a family. These goals are for the most part simple , but some require a step-by-step plan. For instance, this June, I have made a goal to run the local half-marathon. This goal requires a training plan, gradually increasing my mileage every week to make those 13.1 miles, as daunting as they may appear, significantly more attainable.

No matter what your goals or resolutions for the new year are, think about them, pray about them, and set yourself up to achieve every one of them.

Happy January, friends!

-The Happy Egg


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