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Perfect Fried Eggs

Coffee is always the first thing on my mind in the morning, but the second thing is usually breakfast.

Breakfast here on the homestead varies between our favorites: bacon, country potatoes or toast, but it will always include farm fresh eggs. Sometimes scrambled, sometimes fried, but always delicious. After seeing a post about the perfect fried egg from fellow chicken farmer and blogger, Lisa from Fresh Eggs Daily, I was inspired to try a new method of cooking my morning breakfast. With a little practice over the weekend, I was pleased to find my preferred method of making the perfect fried eggs.

This is a simple and easy! I hope you enjoy this egg revelation as much as I do!

Thank you to Lisa from Fresh Eggs Daily for continuing to inspire and share her chicken/egg wisdom with us all! Check out her post about the perfect fried egg here.

I have to give the credit to Kate at Framed Cooks for this brilliant method of cooking! Check out her post here.

How do you take your eggs?

-The Happy Egg


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