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the SPRING garden and the dreams ahead

Hello Spring, my dear friend. You've come to the farm with fervor and a few incredible surprises, even just this morning. First up, the daffodils. They are everywhere, my friends. So much so that I've been trying to get people to come to the farm to cut vases upon vases of them. We have so many to share!

We've seen snippets of what the Summer garden will look like here on the farm. The buds on the chives in the kitchen herb garden are getting ready to burst forth. This summer, I will make jars and jars of garden herb salt to sell in the shop.

The greenhouse, which is FINALLY finished, holds many seedlings. Each new seedling feels like a new friend to the garden. Basil, squashes and heirloom pumpkins, peppers, and a variety of tomatoes will call this greenhouse home until the weather warms. They are safe and warm, growing strong roots to be transplanted to larger pots or out into the vegetable garden. The greenhouse still needs a few more coats of paint, some eclectic decor and a lot of work to finish the garden that surrounds it, but it's a functional space that is home to seedlings, for now.

One friend who has come back year after year has been these grape hyacinth. I've tucked them in little spots around the farm, but these beauties can be seen from my kitchen window. You can't have enough of these.. they add such a dreamy burst of color to the garden. Grape hyacinth is a beautiful contrast to yellow daffodils.

Soon, the daffodils will fade and the tulips will be in full bloom. Next thing we know, it'll be summer. The lavender will blossom and the gardens will be full of life. The French lavender that resides near the pond blooms first, with the English lavender following just behind it.

My goal this year is to eat something from our farm every day. Whether it be meat grown and harvested from our land, farm fresh eggs, or fresh food from the garden. Each day I will plan a meal that includes something delicious from our land. Oh, how much I love this land. I don't know if it's the sunshine this week or the Spring season, but I can see and feel the life on this land. The good Lord has blessed us with so many opportunities, so much life. We have animals to care for, gardens to tend to, and a home to welcome those who seek to find rest. I was chatting with a friend this week, and I told her that I desire our farm to be a place where friends and family can escape and find rest, find a place of peace.

So my challenge to you.. find your place of rest. Find that spot that allows you sit and just... be. Find joy in the little things.. like finding a new chive bud or welcoming the warm sunshine on your skin or sipping a really good latte. It's the little things friends, and they are wonderful. Aren't they?



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