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Dungeness Creamery

This week, I had the joy of accompanying my sister and her two little ones to the Dungeness Creamery. It's a local creamery in the town just next to where we live. I had never been until this week, so when my sister asked if I wanted to join, I couldn't wait to say "YES"!

My eldest nephew (I call him Henny Bear) is in preschool, home schooled by my ever so talented sister. He spends each week learning a new letter and this week, he learned about the letter "C". He learned that "C" is for chicken, which he can find at Jaja's house. He couldn't pronounce "Auntie" for the longest time so he called me Jaja and it stuck! "C" is also for cat, which he can find three of at my house as well. But back to the point of this blog, Henny Bear learned that the letter "C" is for cow!

It pretty cute to see the boys interested in the baby cows. I mean, look at these babies... they are absolutely adorable!

Who knows, maybe someday we will get to raise cows on our homestead. I can already see my husband's eyes rolling as he reads that last sentence! I'm just thankful he works so hard to fulfill my dreams of owning pets and having a farm. It's a dream of mine to raise and love animals. It warms my heart when I see my animals happy and thriving.

I couldn't help but appreciate the clear blue sky that accompanied our outing. Any sunny fall day here in the Pacific Northwest is much appreciated. We finished our adventure with some treats from town and then it was back to reality. I'll take a trip with these kiddos any day. Who wouldn't want to hang out with this cutie bug!

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